Barbara Light: Representing locals is a labour of love; that’s why I’m switching to Residents

Hi and welcome to my first ever blog – I am a total newbie to blogging!

And talking of newbies, I suppose the first thing to talk about is why I have switched from a mainstream political party [Labour] to our newbie local residents’ party. This hasn’t been an easy decision and I have taken a long time to think about it (at least fifteen years 🙂 ), but along with the rest of the country I’ve become completely disillusioned with mainstream politics run by the same old- same old parties who seem to be two sides of an identical coin with the Lib-Dems balancing on the outer edge. Sitting in their remote palace, they ignore us and hand down policies that fail to meet or even understand our needs – local and otherwise. Is there any wonder why we are so hacked-off with politics and self-serving politicians and want to register our protest?

I certainly want my voice to be heard so when I found out about this great new, local independent party run by residents for residents, I wanted to become an active part of it. This is a new way of doing politics – it’s real, it’s live and it’s open! So come and join me in Residents-for-Uttlesford to have your say and an actual influence over what is happening in our local area.

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