Barbara Light: Visions for the future of Uttlesford

This is the last vaguely esoteric blog, I promise (well, for this month at any rate)! Still a bit focused on the new year I have been thinking about what Uttlesford could be like in the next few years.

But do we want the nightmare or the dream vision of the future? The nightmare is the immediate consequence if we keep on voting for the same crew currently in UDC: we will soon end up concreted over by houses (but only for those who can take out massive mortgages) and roads with ever worse traffic congestion resulting in poorer air quality than we have now; with barely any green spaces, few leisure facilities and certainly no increase in local jobs. Add to that a lack of school places, long waits to see a doctor or a dentist …need I go on?
Now take a deep breath and consider – councillors who are open and listen to residents; who will make sure that Uttlesford remains a wonderful place to live; who will create sustainable communities with the infrastructure and facilities needed for a high quality of life and who will bring in new opportunities for work.

A dream? Or a reality if you choose to make it so – it’s your shout!

2 thoughts on “Barbara Light: Visions for the future of Uttlesford

  1. Maureen Gande

    Keep up the war on the jargon and verbiage deliberately designed to confuse those who would oppose irrational and damaging decisions.

    • Barbara Light

      Thank you for your supportive comment, Maureen, and we will certainly carry on fighting on behalf of residents. We spent two days reviewing the Consultation Document trying to make it clearer, but all of our points were ignored and the original document was published, leaving residents to struggle with responses to an obtuse and often misleading consultation.
      Best wishes, Barbara


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