Paul G Fairhurst: A listening Residents Party that collaborates…

A listening Residents Party must, by definition, be based on a sincere partnership with the community.

This means deploying the best energies and talents of the whole community to build a prosperous, shared future for all stakeholders from businesses and service providers through to the vulnerable, the young and the aged.

It is an affirmation that our privileged past and near idyllic present must be carefully nurtured and managed to ensure the best future for all.

Active consultation, proactive and transparent governance and creative collaboration must replace the petty squabbles that vested interests, outside agendas and personal egos represent.

Therefore continual dialogue with the public through town hall meetings and regular open engagement with businesses will continue to inform representatives and allow them to make better short and medium term decisions and longer term plans.

Failure to engage with the public results in stalled decisions, poor and chaotic planning and limited progress and even misdirected spending.

– What a waste that would be –

2 thoughts on “Paul G Fairhurst: A listening Residents Party that collaborates…

  1. Peter Durrant

    Quite envious of you all in having achieved so much in terms of enabling and facilitating change. As well, of course, as a wider dialogue and do you know anyone in Cambridge, where I live, who is interested in this sort of more participative approach?
    Peter Durrrant.

  2. Paul G Fairhurst

    Hi Peter,Thanks for reading my blog and for your interest in our cause.
    I don’t personally know of folk in Cambridge who share our collaborative approach but I suspect that this is not indigenous to Uttlesford and that the national electorate is growing weary of the endless debate and outdated top down approach to democracy.
    I will chat to my colleagues at Residents 4 Uttlesford and let you know if they know of someone.
    Kind regards


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