Development of employment sites at the very core of our campaign

The recent letter in the Walden Local regarding the development of employment sites goes to very core of our campaign.

A number of issues are raised.

Firstly, do we as a community want to be a pure dormitory site comprised of housing and convenience shopping? Or do we want to be a more complete community with local opportunities for jobs?

Secondly, if the latter, what are we doing enough to encourage and maintain employers in Uttlesford? I was rather saddened by the news that even in Saffron Walden we had lost a long standing seller from our town marketplace. Surely the market and its traditions are central to our towns identity?

More importantly how our councilors know if they fail to engage with residents and ask them how they see the future of our district?

We all know that Uttlesford competes with Cambridge and London for opportunities so apparently the odds are against us. But we do offer unique advantages and we ought to develop those and advertise them. We offer an unmatched quality of life, access to airports and a highly educated work force. In the communications age geography is less critical that connectivity and a quality work force.

I suggest that with a good deal of listening and concerted and creative planning, we ought to develop our district into a more divers and balanced economy including innovation hubs and business friendly policies. Houses are needed but so are businesses and commerce.

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