Let us residents plan to succeed!

“If you fail to plan – you plan to fail”. – Benjamin Franklin

As we all know the UDCs local plan was rejected last year and we are literally back to square one.

That’s history and no use crying over spilled milk. But we ought to learn from our mistakes and ensure that the steps we take at this early (late) stage do not entrench the pitfalls of the past.

It seems to me that the biggest mistake we made was not involving all the interested parties at the outset.

It has been said that folks support that which they help to create.

In this case listening to residents would have embraced a number of creative minds, would have considered many complex challenges and would have perhaps avoided some the strains on infrastructure that are already being felt in our towns. That’s the beauty of collaboration. Many hands (or in this case heads) make light work.

Instead a rather exclusive club of “representatives” took on these challenges without sharing the problem with less than perfect results.

But now we find ourselves in a new and exciting place. We’ve seen some of the outcomes and we’ve hopefully learned our lessons.

On the 7th of May we get to choose a fresh team. We get to reconfigure our processes and another chance to plan, develop and build our district with the benefit of hindsight. What a great opportunity. Lets not waste that chance. Lets actually discuss our options. Let involve all our neighbours in the debate and consider the whole range of alternatives.

Lets us residents actually plan to succeed and thereby succeed in our planning.

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