Car Parking Petition Continues in Saffron Walden

In Uttlesford we continually ask for a democratic approach to government and consultation with the residents before meddling with important local issues. The clue is in the name; As “Residents …read more →

“A budget tells your money where to go rather than wondering where it went”

This year’s Saffron Walden Town Council budget planning has reminded me of the old quip, that “A budget tells your money where to go rather than wondering where it went” …read more →

So that’s what Democracy means!

I was brought up to believe that democracy meant rule by the people, for the people, and that representatives were entrusted with a sacred duty to represent the views of …read more →

As the dust settles…

The 7th of May was a day charged with political drama in Great Britain and in Uttlesford. As the dust settles we find the national Government in the hands of …read more →

Let us residents plan to succeed!

“If you fail to plan – you plan to fail”. – Benjamin Franklin As we all know the UDCs local plan was rejected last year and we are literally back …read more →

How residents play an active part in shaping their futures…

Don’t shoot the messenger …..Please! With just days to go before the national and local elections the Uttlesford streets seem to be teeming with smiling canvassers of all political hues …read more →

“If it ain’t broke …..don’t fix it”

“If it ain’t broke …..don’t fix it” Some folks I’ve spoken to recently have said that Uttlesford ain’t or isn’t broken so why change things? And I agree. Saffron Walden …read more →

Change in Saffron Walden…We’re not against housing!

Change in Saffron Walden I am often asked whether we are for or against housing in Saffron Walden. At first blush this seems to be the big issue in the …read more →

Development of employment sites at the very core of our campaign

The recent letter in the Walden Local regarding the development of employment sites goes to very core of our campaign. A number of issues are raised. Firstly, do we as a community …read more →

We’ve all got issues…

But what are the ISSUES? According to a recent IPSOS Mori Political Monitor survey, the salient NATIONAL issues are “Economy, Immigration and Healthcare”.  Key to that debate is whether the …read more →