Our Policies – Built by residents for residents

Our policies have been built with fellow residents and the include input from more than 600 local people. We are a residents party, so we’d like your opinions too. Our policies are set out below and you can submit any comments or suggestions using the form at the bottom of the page. Click on a heading to read each policy area.

Our Policies for Uttlesford Residents
Chairman's Statement and Policy Introduction
Party Principles
Summary of Policies
Council Services, Local Government & Finance
Economy & Jobs
Housing & Planning
Local Plan
Roads & Transport
Schools & Education
Health & Social Care
Police & Emergency Services
Sports, Community & Leisure
Libraries, Arts & Museums
More Information

Delivering residents’ policies

We are the first party to produce a full set of policies for local things. We don’t yet control  Uttlesford District Council, so we can’t set the agenda. However we are the second party and we seek to influence District Council policies to implement things that residents want and need. In fact the current UDC administration has already taken a number of our policy ideas, even if we don’t always think that they implement them quite correctly.

Get your voice heard; let us know your thoughts

We want to hear your thoughts on our policies. Please use the form below.

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