Goodbye and hello – we’re still here with you!

We walked up and down Audley Ward for weeks during the election campaign. We had hundreds of conversations with you on the doorstep. We were in the market square; in coffee mornings and evening events. We listened to your ideas and your concerns and together we created a vision of what this town could be like.

So, we just wanted to say thank you to all the residents we met over the past few weeks: thank you for taking the time to listen to us; thank you for your encouragement, enthusiasm and your support; thank you for sharing your problems with us; thank you to those who sheltered us from the rain; and thank you to the lovely couple who invited us in to share a drink, a laugh and a chat. And a big thank you for electing us as your ward councillors!

Well, having said goodbye to our campaign, now it’s hello again, Saffron Walden! We’re here to stay and we’ll keep having those conversations with you! We’ll do what we can to make the vision happen and if you contact us to ask for help with your council issues we will always do our best for you. We won’t disappear into the council’s bureaucratic fog only to emerge at election time. We’ll shine a light on what goes on in the Council and work hard to try and bring about the changes that you told us you want. We’re here, we’re residents and we’ll keep listening to you!
Sharon and Barbara

You can contact us at:
Sharon Morris: Tel: 0779 969 3980
Barbara Light: Tel: 0751 933 6217