Make your views felt on the new Local Plan. Read our quick guide. Public consultation closes 4 Dec.

A 40% increase in new Uttlesford households. How do you want it, in a new settlement or spread around our major towns and villages? What about new homes where you live? And then there are schools and roads. Let Uttlesford District Council know what you think!

A new Local Plan

UDC is working on a new Local Plan and they’ve asked for resident’s opinions.  In this consultation they are looking to answer the first ‘Big Questions’. In effect:  “To build a new settlement or not, and where to build?”

Get up and tell them

While it may not set you alight with passion, if you love where you live, it is definitely worth spending 10 minutes telling UDC what you want to see happen. We’re always of the mindset that if you get up and get involved, you’ve earned the right to complain later if you’ve been ignored. So please respond. The Local Plan consultation closes on 4th December but don’t wait until the last minute.

Only 10 minutes to respond

UDC’s entire Local Plan documentation can seem quite complex, so we have a Quick Guide to help you out. We’ve highlighted the few important questions that you might want to focus on if you only have 10 mins spare.  We even have an email link so you can just send in your comments to UDC.

Click here to visit our sister website to read the Quick Guide and respond today.

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