The Uttlesford Christmas Quiz 2016!


Well mince my pies Gnomies, it’s nearly Christmas! Those elves have been getting a lot of press recently, what with their antics on shelves, but us gnomes are up to slightly more intellectual pursuits…writing The Uttlesford Christmas Quiz 2016!

The Christmas Quiz is a tradition, where families confound each other with ridiculously tricky questions and at some point in the evening the mince pies get thrown and there’s an argument about the capital of Botswana… or maybe that’s just my shed.

So at R4U we’ve been hitting the books and have compiled a list of twenty challenging questions all about the local area that we all (think) we know and love!

Even though it’s only for fun, if you take the quiz online you get the chance to win a tub of Mars Celebrations or one of 5 chocolate oranges!

You can also download a printable version here (to play around the Christmas table?): r4u-christmas-quiz

The answers will be available on the website and our social media platforms on Boxing Day, so make sure you check back and see if you are an Utter Uttlesfordian or need to get back to the shelf with those pesky elves.

Have a safe and happy Christmas R4U Gnomies and see you in 2017!


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