“Fact: Local residents stopped Hellsenham not politicians.” MUST READ letter from Petrina Lees & Garry LeCount | R4U

By-Election update from Petrina Lees for:
Petrina Lees and Garry LeCount – Residents for Uttlesford for Elsenham & Henham Ward

Dear Fellow Resident of Elsenham & Henham,

I know you’ve had enough of election leaflets and constant door-knocking. But before you scroll on, please take a few moments to read this letter.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a resident not a politician. I must set some facts straight because other parties have tried to undermine us and confuse residents. Personal attacks by them are never acceptable, and it’s a shame it seems that they’ve given up trying to contribute positively to our village life.

To be clear, local residents won our appeal victory against Hellsenham, led by the amazing Save Our Villages (SoV) Team, which I have been an active part of from the start. We arranged and attended the public meetings. And you came too. We raised the money to pay the planning consultants and lawyers to present our case. And you put your hands in your pockets too. We pounded the streets, delivering leaflets. And you wrote letters and made your voice heard.

The people that won our victory were residents – you, me and all of our neighbours. It proved that ONLY RESIDENTS can be TRUSTED to do what’s BEST FOR OUR VILLAGES.

To be clear, the Lib-Dems had little to do with our appeal victory. They are wrong to claim in their leaflets that ‘they won Hellsenham’. They didn’t. The truth is that they walked away from the Local Plan process leaving us without any voice at Uttlesford District Council. It’s no surprise that the Conservatives targeted us for 1,000s of new houses.

In 2015 I stood as an Independent and came second behind the Lib Dems. I beat the Conservatives and Labour. This is a fact, even though the Lib-Dems are again trying to tell you otherwise. Anyone can see the results for themselves on the UDC website.

My running-mate Garry LeCount, who is a parish councillor, and I are the only candidates endorsed by Nick Baker and Stewart Pimblett, the chairs of our parish councils. And unlike the Conservatives and Lib-Dems, we actually live in the villages that we already work hard for.

We have joined and are backed by Residents for Uttlesford (R4U). We really want to give you better representation, and we have been working hard with R4U to try to make this happen.  By the way, the Lib-Dems are also peddling a load of nonsense about R4U. R4U has NEVER supported Hellsenham and they never will because it’s simply an unsustainable location. And anyone who knows Garry, Nick or Stewart, or knows me and my involvement with SoV, knows what we stand for. These deceptions and petty point scoring by politicians have to stop – residents are tired of it, and it’s not what they elect people to do.

With a proven track record of supporting local candidates and councillors across the district, R4U are the second party at UDC, with more than twice as many councillors as the Lib-Dems. Unlike national parties, we only have one boss – you. Why? Because people want positive representation BY local residents, FOR local residents. It’s that simple.

You have a choice on Thursday and you have 2 votes. Please use them both for the only 2 candidates that live here and are already driving our villages’ agenda. A vote for anyone else is not a vote for our villages. Please share this letter with all other voters in your house and vote for BOTH Garry LeCount AND Petrina Lees – Residents for Uttlesford on Thursday.

Thank you.

Petrina Lees (also writing on behalf of Garry LeCount)  
Residents for Uttlesford