Cllr Alan Storah

Alan has lived in Uttlesford for more than 20 years. After a career as a professional Town Planner he is now devoting his time and energy to other challenges including benefiting the community at large. Alan has helped numerous Uttlesford residents’ groups and town/parish councils resist unsustainable planning applications.

“I consider Uttlesford to be the best place to live, and I love it here. It is important we need to protect what’s best as the district grows because once it’s gone, it can’t be replaced. I’d like to ensure that future housing developments are in the best locations and of a high quality with all the required facilities. I also want to work to make the council really deliver quality of life improvements for all.” ” Alan Storah


Council Roles

Councillor at Uttlesford District Council, Member: Planning Committee (UDC)

More Information

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Alan Storah has been an Uttlesford resident for more than 20 years.   He moved here with his family because it offered access to his place of work, good schooling and a very attractive and desirable area in which to live.   He has lived in various towns and cities across the country but considers Uttlesford to be by far and away the best district.  Alan is very keen to ensure that our villages and towns continue to provide a wonderful place in which to live for both current and future residents, whilst it also embraces the changes necessary to meet the modern-day needs of people and businesses.

Alan has spent many years as a Town Planner in local government during which he has worked in a range of different authorities throughout the UK.  He is now a self-employed planning consultant.  In that capacity he has worked with both residents’ groups and town and parish councils across Uttlesford.   This has often entailed opposing unsustainable major housing proposals which would have serious adverse impacts in terms of their impact upon the landscape, traffic congestion, pollution, infrastructure capacity etc. and, generally, do not constitute what is a considered ‘sustainable’ development.

His leisure time pursuits include playing tennis and gardening.

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