Cllr Rod Jones

Rod Jones lives in Dunmow with his wife. After nearly 25 years in the Armed Services defending democracy, he stood for R4U to do the same at a local level. In his spare time he’s an active part of the Friends of the Flitch Way.

“To be a councillor is a great honour and privilege. It takes hard work and dedication to properly represent your Town or Ward. Being elected as a councillor shouldn’t be dependent on the colour of your rosette and no matter the outcome of a decision or vote I will always look a person in the eye and say ‘I tried my best’.” Rod Jones


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 Where you live and how long you’ve lived in the area?

I live in Great Dunmow and moved here in Jan 2015 after retiring from the Armed Forces (nearly 25 years of service). I have moved around a lot, visited and worked in many counties and countries; Dunmow is where my wife and I have chosen to make our home.

Any councillor (e.g. parish) or political experience you may have?

I have no previous political experience but I understand the difficulties of dealing with local issues and getting results that benefit all. I am pragmatic and realise you have to be willing to put your head above the parapet in order to make yours and others voices heard.

Any work details that you may want to highlight that add to your experience?

The military wasn’t the best place to practice democracy but it sure gave me a reason to defend it. I am determined, passionate, will not accept second best and will fight for anyone in my Town, Ward and District to ensure democracy is well and truly alive and kicking.

Are you involved in an community or residents’ groups, boards, charities, or volunteering?

I am a member of the Friends of the Flitch Way and when I can spare the time I volunteer for their work parties to help maintain the nationally recognised bridleway and cycle trail.

I have campaigned to improve a local byway damaged by irresponsible ‘off-roaders’ that has encompassed a multi-agency approach.

Why did you stand, what are your hot topics and what would you like to achieve?

Local politics by local people, after all we all have to live with the decisions made in our name now and into the future. Houses are built; homes and communities are made by the people in them. My achievement will be to do what a councillor is elected to do and fairly represent those that elected me. If I do that, its achievement enough!

Why did you think standing for Residents for Uttlesford is important?

Local government decisions should not be based on the colour of a rosette or what you have been ‘whipped’ to make. Hard decisions have to be made and so should be done on evidence, cross party and with without forgetting the effect on current and future generations. After all we are human and making people’s lives better or trying to mitigate the negative effects of policy decisions is what our councillors should be striving to achieve.

R4U and other such likeminded councillors are trying to do this, however the current structure of the council means they are out voted. In the ideal world this shouldn’t matter, in the real world it does and so the district needs more ‘non-politically’ but resident centric councillors.

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