Chairman’s Statement and Introduction

Since 2013 many Uttlesford residents have had their own Residents county, district, town and parish councillors.
Cllr John Lodge, R4U Chairman
Cllr John Lodge R4U Chairman
Our councillors work for you from Dunmow to Saffron Walden and we are the second largest group at Uttlesford District Council.

Where we have many councillors we have made sure that residents’ voices are heard, longstanding problems are fixed, budgets are balanced, spending is properly focused, and our quality of local life is improved. Elsewhere where others make the decisions, we hold them to account on behalf of residents.

Our policies provide a roadmap of what we propose to do if elected to do so. In our policies we promise an open and progressive local government that will be financially responsible and answerable to residents.

In short we would form a local government of the residents, by the residents, for the residents.