How to Vote

Note: Each election may be different so it is always best to check the latest election information at Uttlesford District Council.

Identity documents are now required to vote

From May 2023 it is the law that voters are required to bring an Identity Document to vote at a polling station, such as a passport or driving licence. You can find out the requirements, and your alternatives, such as postal voting, at our voter ID information page.

District and Parish Elections on the same day

Often there are multiple local elections on the same day, but not always. For example, district and town/parish elections are on the same day, which is usually the first Thursday in May every 4 years. However if there are the exact number of candidates or less than vacant seats in a town/parish ward election, there may not actually be an election.

If you do have elections for both district and town/parish you will get 2 ballot papers (usually one pink and one green). If you only have a district council election in your ward, you will only be given a single ballot paper.

Essex county council elections are every 4 years, but offset by 2 years. There may be local district or town/parish by-elections on the same day at the county council elections. Additionally sometimes there are general elections on the same day as local elections.

You may have multiple votes on the same ballot paper

Some wards have a single councillor, others have 2 or 3. It depends on the population. Read your ballot paper carefully to see how many votes you have. If there are multiple councillors in your ward, R4U will always try to stand multiple candidates. They will have Residents for Uttlesford against their name on the ballot paper.

Vote for ALL Residents for Uttlesford candidates on your ballot papers

If there are multiple Residents for Uttlesford candidates on your ballot paper it is because you can elect multiple councils in your ward. You can vote for them all.

You don’t need your polling card to vote

If you don’t have your polling card, don’t worry you don’t need it to vote at your polling station (as long as you are register to vote). It is best to take some form of ID with you when vote just in case, but you don’t need it.

Hand deliver your late postal votes

Postal votes need to be with UDC by 10pm on Election Day. If you haven’t posted them back at least 2 days before the election, don’t worry. You can hand them in at your polling station or at the UDC offices.

More information from Uttlesford District Council

The information provided above is for guidance only UDC is responsible for the administration of local elections. Read all their information and get answers to your questions at the UDC website election and voting section.