Uttlesford Residents Charter

Our Vision: Making Uttlesford the best place to live, work and play

Mandate for change

You elected us with a significant mandate to radically change how your district council operates to make sure that you are always the priority. Our Residents Charter makes this deliverable by Uttlesford District Council. We are delighted it has now been embedded in the Council’s Corporate and annual Delivery Plans.

Created by and for residents

The Residents Charter was created with direct input from many local residents. Residents like you have had direct input in to our policies through engagement at town and village hall events, surgeries and online. Our manifesto summarised those polices, of which 40,000 were distributed to residents before the election. That meant that residents would know exactly what they would get if they trusted us with their vote. The Residents Charter maintains our open approach by making it 100% transparent to you that we are delivering what we promised.

Delivering on our promises

The Residents Charter is supported by 100s of initiatives to deliver on our pledges. We used a Balanced Scorecard model to prioritise and track all of these initiatives. This allows us to say with confidence that “we promised X and delivered it by doing Y and Z”.

Our approach is to work hands-on with senior council officers of each council we lead. With them we build our policies and initiatives into that council’s strategic and delivery plans. At Uttlesford District Council these are called the Corporate Plan and annual Delivery Plans. The Residents Charter pulls it all together in one place as a high level summary.

A Residents Charter built on four themes

The Residents Charter is built around four themes of Residents, Towns and Villages, Environment, and District. These commit Uttlesford District Council to:

  1. Putting residents first
  2. Being an active place-maker (community builder) for our towns and villages
  3. Being a progressive custodian of our rural environment
  4. Championing our district with other authorities

Delivering the charter will make Uttlesford the best place to live, work and play.

Read and download the Residents Charter here: