Policy Statement: Police & Emergency Services

You said:

Crime needs to be back under control and we want the police back on our streets.

Essex is an affluent and relatively well educated area, with low unemployment; it follows that much of the county has a low crime rate. Even so, we pay a substantial amount of council tax for our Police and Fire Services, and the county has one of the poorest-funded police forces, and the crime rate has been increasing above the national average.

We want Essex to be a low-crime county, and resist the spread of organised crime from London. We shall hold the Essex Police and Crime Commissioner to account to make sure they improve the performance of our police and fix funding gaps. Where local policing has been withdrawn by central government funding cuts, we will encourage our communities to fund their own police community support officers and special constables to maintain safety.

We will work to protect our fire service and ensure that we have the fire-fighters and responsive service that we need to protect our homes and businesses.
We will work with the healthcare provisioning authorities to make sure that in emergencies ambulances and local paramedics are available and able to take patients to the closest geographical Accident and Emergency Units.