Patrick Hawke-Smith: Getting residents’ views on sustainable housing

I am delighted and excited to be selected by Residents for Uttlesford (R4U) as a candidate for the district elections on 7 May. I look forward to the campaign and especially to hearing from local residents, whether current supporters or wanting to find out more about what we hope to achieve in the future. In particular I will be interested in their views on the key issues affecting our district, such as supporting sustainable housing development with essential infrastructure.

I also look forward to working with everyone involved in R4U. As a local party seeking to offer a thoughtful alternative to national party politics, we hope to offer a blend of experience and fresh ideas to the people of Uttlesford. For instance, as a professional fundraiser myself, I would be keen to explore new sources of income, in order to get away from an over-reliance on house-building subsidies that plays into the hands of developers.

The coming months could bring some significant change to the local scene and I hope you will want to be part of it.

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  1. ian brown

    It is inspiring to learn that an organisation with a localism agenda such as Residents4Uttlesford (r4U) are prepared, willing and motivated to “think outside the box” when it comes to so many issues that affect us as residents of Uttlesford. How refreshing it will be to see our District Councillors applying commercial nouse to acquiring what we need to support the aspirations of those of us who love this place.

  2. Amy

    Could you offer any information on where 5G will be installed in Saffron Walden? Where are its towers located? Are trees being cut down around the town to ensure it works better? I have heard that trees block its emissions, which are detrimental to health and wildlife.

    • R4U

      We don’t know yet, but it is probably likely that it will be on the water tower where the 4G ones are now. It is at the highest point in Saffron Walden and so has a direct line of sight to many locations.

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