Happy to answer a fair question!

On Saturday, I was asked by a market trader I patronize, about local elections, parties and how I’d changed allegiance. A fair question, and one I’m more than happy to answer.

I explained that R4U offered the chance to give residents their voices back in May 2015, and she made a point of saying how pleased she was at the prospect of R4U taking hold of UDC and commended my change.
As I turned to leave, a couple waiting to be served, had overheard the conversation and equally expressed their excitement at the prospect of a fresh council. Their comment was ‘We hope it’ll be a sound win for R4U’!

This week in the Tourist Info office (TIC), someone commented on how he’d voted for John Lodge at the last election and how pleased he was to see current councillors making the change. He wanted to know who his candidate was in Audley ward -and I was happy to oblige!

The most significant comment throughout my conversations with local residents was that ‘R4U are a positive party and don’t go in for tit for tat squabbling’; a method of working which I will personally uphold during this campaign.

Ask your electorate, engage and they will tell you what they want to hear!