Radical measures to make our roads safer…

I was delighted to see from the front pages of last week’s press that many local politicians appear to have been reading from our manifesto and are proposing a greater implementation of 20 mph speeds limits in town; as long term campaigners on this issue, we applaud their sentiments.

However R4U proposes further radical measures to make our roads and environment even safer. We will keep heavy vehicles out of town during the morning and evening rush hours which will bring significant benefits such as shorter traffic queues and a greatly reduced level of pollution. This is particularly relevant in a week where traffic and weather have caused high pollution and health risks.


infographic - pollution

We should be aware that air pollution kills many more people than road traffic accidents. R4U will make traffic and pollution a major focus following the forthcoming elections.

If you would like to discuss this or any other topic please see me at my last surgery this coming Saturday (18th April) at the Walden in Transition Community Café in the Town Hall between 10 30 and Noon.