A ‘Hub’ at what cost?

We should not think that the pollution troubles of Volkswagen are a long way removed from life in Saffron Walden and I was made acutely aware of this by the recent over-hyped publicity for a proposed “Hub” off Thaxted Road.

This hub could only become reality if Keir Homes were allowed to build an unsustainable cul-de-sac of 300 homes as part of the project and add to the existing illegal levels of air pollution in Town. Part of the developer’s case for its project was the hope that diesel engines would develop rapidly and reduce the damage currently being caused to the health of residents of Saffron Walden.

Even before the VW revelations, the UDC planning committee and then the Planning Inspector on appeal, did not believe that the 300 houses and hence the hub could be built without adding to traffic chaos and pollution in town. The Residents of Saffron Walden had to spend £50,000 on the appeal when UDC refused to defend the town against Keir, but we were successful and will continue to defend the health of people living and working in town.