Saffron Walden Tory MP Shortlist Completed…We think…

Morning Gnomies,

Word on the footpath is that we’ll be getting’ ourselves a new MP after the Conservatives decided upon some shufflin’. Me and me fellow gnomes have been sharing a jar of local ale in the potting shed and been speculatin’, no more you understand.

Way we sees it, it’s a perfect opportunity to raise some home grown talent for this area. It’s not just an MP for Saffron Walden (the title is a bit misleadin’) but the whole of our district, stretching down towards Chelmsford (where Vicky Ford will be standing).

Trouble is, the way these things work is that national parties tend to bring in someone from miles away just to fill a list! Bit like going to the garden centre and deciding to grow yourself some cacti on the allotment. It don’t know the soil and the soil don’t know it. Trying to find out who is in the running is like untangling hosepipe -there’s hisses and kinks and occasionally you get a knot out. The names in the running so far are Laura Farris, Kemi Badenoch and Stephen Parkinson. Not too local at all.

Guess we’ll find out in the next week one way or another, but we’d be interested to hear what locals are thinking! Join us in the potting shed on Facebook and  in the Twittersphere!