Essex County Council Developers Guide to Infrastructure Contributions

Building new homes stretches existing infrastructure such as roads, schools, social care and libraries. That means that developers of new homes are required to contribute towards mitigating these factors. This is done by legal contracts between the parties, called Section-106 agreements.

Essex County Council sets the guidelines for these contributions that it expects district councils (such as UDC) to collect from developers of new houses to pay for expanding county council services for the residents of those new homes. It was created because of “concerns about inadequate infrastructure” obligations as a part of new development.

Quick Summary

ECC have a simplified model for calculating the majority if developer contributions to the infrastructure that the county is responsible for. The details are in their guide (download links at bottom of page) but in summary the levies per new home are:

Contribution area ECC developer levy per new home
Education (Pre-School.Primary, Secondary, 6th Form) – see Education Contributions below £8,614.14
Adult Learning  £97.42
Libraries £281.48
Archive & Record Keeping  £52.80
Youth Services  £541.67
Adult Social Care £241.00
Waste Management £305.00
Greenspace Land Allocation £513.00
Total per new home £10,646.51

Highways/Road Contributions

Highway obligations are determined on a site-by-site basis because each location has specific and different highways needs.

Education Contributions

For each new school place generated, a developer is expected to pay:

Education Service Contribution per School Place
Early Years & Childcare £13,698
Primary School £11,361
Secondary School (11-16) £17,217
Post 16 / 6th Form £18,436

Number of new school places generated per home

The following table shows the expected number of new students generated per new home for Essex.

Dwelling Type Pre-School Primary Secondary

(11-16 yrs)

6th Form
House (Market Priced and Affordable) 0.090 0.300 0.200 0.040
Flat (more than 1 bed) 0.0.45 0.150 0.100 0.020
Flat – 1 Bed
Care Home/Elderly
Student Accommodation

The average mix of new homes for a larger development in Uttlesford is:

  • Market House 70%
  • Affordable House 22%
  • Flat (more than 1 bed) 5%
  • Flat – 1 Bed 2%
  • Care Home/Elderly 1%
  • Student Accommodation 0%

This provides an effective developer contribution yield of £8,614.14 per new home for education, broken down as:

  • Pre-School £1,442.40
  • Primary  £3,220.84
  • Secondary £3,254.01
  • 6th Form  £696.88