Is Uttlexit a possibility? Should we join South Cambs?

The following is ECC Cllr John Lodge’s letter to the papers last week:


Dear Sir,

I refer to a most interesting recent press letter from Stephen Daly in which he expresses concern about ways in which Essex County Council ignores the needs of residents in this remote part of the county.

If he or anyone else has not seen our efforts to counter this problem they will see dozens of instances on the Residents for Uttlesford web site where I and my colleagues stand up for the needs of local people on a very regular basis.

I can only agree with Mr Daly that we have seen ludicrous traffic strategies for Saffron Walden and environs and we have managed to fight off the first flawed attempts. However we do await new plans shortly and will remain vigilant.

Also it is interesting to note the dire state of roads here in the north and then their remarkable improvement as you drive south towards Chelmsford. However one solution could be to leave Essex and join South Cambridgeshire, where we may feel much more at home. Of course, it would be vital to talk to South Cambridgeshire, and then consider the procedures that exist to enable a referendum and make a decision on Uttlexit.

I would like your readers to let me know if they think this is a route we should consider taking. Or, if you would like to discuss this or any other issue please see me at the R4U Listening Post in the market square this coming Saturday morning, 18th June.

Yours faithfully,

John Lodge

R4U Councillor Uttlesford District & Essex County Councils


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3 thoughts on “Is Uttlexit a possibility? Should we join South Cambs?

  1. Helen

    I don’t have enough info to know. Is Cambridgeshire’s housing allocation less or more and would we get more or less focus on the need to build our ‘quota’ in Uttlesford.

    Please spell out, in an unbiased fashion, what it would mean. We haven’t been one of the nicest places to live in the country without some good coming from how things have been.

    Let’s not do a Brexit without some facts.


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