Policy Summaries

In summary our policies are:

  1. Council Services, Local Government & Finance: We will be open, transparent and accountable to you; we will be responsible and run services efficiently; we will be a strong voice for Uttlesford on policies and authorities that we can’t directly control.
  2. Economy & Jobs: We will support economic growth and employment in Uttlesford, continue to promote our district as a great tourist destination and work to make sure that we get the infrastructure we need to prosper.
  3. Housing & Planning: Our planning will be driven by local housing needs, homes will be built to high environmental standards, and we will incorporate the infrastructure essential for our vibrant and growing communities.
  4. Roads and Transport: We will make sure that our roads and public transport are improved to meet the needs of residents who travel for work and leisure.
  5. Schools & Education: We will work to give students a top quality education at a school near where they live with an affordable and reliable bus service for those further away.
  6. Health & Social Care: We will promote health and well-being, oppose significant reductions in social care, and work to ensure Uttlesford residents of all ages have access to the high quality care and facilities they need.
  7. Police & Emergency Services: We will hold the Essex Police & Crime Commissioner to account, encourage the funding of police community support officers and special constables, and fight against cuts to emergency services.
  8. Environment: We will protect and enhance our built and natural environment, creating new green spaces, reducing pollution and improving sustainability.
  9. Sports, Community & Leisure: We will invest in better facilities and compel developers to provide the recommended green, play and sports areas when new homes are approved
  10. Libraries, Arts & Museums: We will protect library and museum funding and promote and expand their activities.