Policy Summaries

In summary our policies are (alphabetically):

  1. Economy & Jobs: We will support local economic growth and jobs, continue to promote our district as a great tourist destination, and work to get the infrastructure we need to prosper.
  2. Environment & Green Communities: We will protect and enhance our environment, create new green spaces, reduce pollution, increase recycling, create low-carbon homes and encourage local clean energy.
  3. Health & Social Care: We will promote health and well-being, push for improvements in social care and work to ensure Uttlesford residents of all ages have access to the high quality care they need.
  4. Libraries, Arts & Museums: We will protect funding for libraries, arts and the museums, and promote and expand their activities.
  5. Pandemic & Emergency Response: We will proactively play our part in national emergency response and recovery to protect residents and businesses, whilst holding government and other authorities to account where they make decisions for us.
  6. Planning, Housing & the Local Plan: We must fix the Local Plan so it is evidence-led, puts infrastructure before new homes, is controlled by local communities and not developers, and provides homes that are really affordable for local people.
  7. Police & Emergency Services: We will hold the Essex Commissioner to account, encourage the funding of police community support officers, and fight against cuts to emergency services.
  8. Roads and Transport: We will hold Essex County Council to account to improve our roads, deliver cycleways and for public transport to be upgraded to meet the needs of our district.
  9. Running Your Councils & Finance: We will be open, transparent and accountable to you; we will run services efficiently and effectively and be a strong voice for Uttlesford with authorities and on policies that we don’t directly control.
  10. Schools & Education: We will work hard with other authorities to ensure our children have a top quality education at a school near where they live, and push for reliable and free transport for those living further away.
  11. Sports, Community & Leisure: We will invest in better facilities and compel developers to provide green, play and sports areas when new homes are approved.
  12. Stansted Airport: We will work for a fairer deal with the airport that balances employment with their environmental responsibilities to deal with CO2 emissions, pollution, noise, road and rail congestion, and village fly-parking.