ECC R4U Cllr John Lodge: Heeding Commons warnings on air quality

The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee published its latest report last month and damns government approach to air quality at all levels,with comments such as :-

“Our main recommendations for the Government in 2010 and 2011 were not implemented, prompting our third Inquiry in the hope that this time the Government will take this as seriously as we do. It is unacceptable that a whole generation of people living in our towns and cities could have their health seriously impaired by air pollution above EU limits before the Government brings this public health problem under control. Urgent change is needed in transport and planning policy to save lives and ensure that the UK meets European safety targets much sooner than the expected dates indicated by DEFRA. Air pollution is an invisible killer and a public health imperative”.

The electorate should be comforted by the fact that an R4U administration will heed such warnings as assiduously as the current one has ignored them.