Alex Armstrong: Traffic Management in Dunmow

Early start, late finish, it’s started!

Met the team for breakfast at the Maze in Saffron Walden, terrific atmosphere, great food and productive discussion -It’s great to feel we will all get our chance to contribute.

The Great Dunmow Traffic management meeting started at 19.30 with over 25 residents
attending, it started with The Mayor acting as Chair and the Town Clerk taking the minutes,
we were informed that a new minute taker and a new chair was sought as the Town Councils
only involvement would be to supply a meeting place and send out notices.

They wanted this group to report back to the Council, truly a Residents group in the making.
The group insisted that only professionals employed by UDC attend, not politicians.
Cllr Susan Barker, who was in Harlow, could not make the meeting but sent her husband.

“We’ve been waiting for this for nearly 4 years”

There were lots of traffic calming measures discussed, from a 20mph speed limit to one ways and actual road closures. Then a request for an electronic 30mph speed signal was met with a “We’ve been waiting for this for nearly 4 years” response. The gentlemen then asked if this was being chased up by the Official involved and if not why not and the reply was that Cllr S. Barker was the official looking into it. We were informed that UDC is awash with money not spent so if we want traffic surveys they are readily available, at least for the next 99 days!

The next meeting was going to be in a month but the locals felt this was too long winded so we meet again in 2 weeks time.