Grab a calculator and you do the maths!

Go fetch your calculator, or as per the existing calculations just fetch the ubiquitous fag packet!

This lesson is entitled Math 101 – in the fair town of Dunmow we have an approved development of an additional 4,100 Homes.

Dunmow already has 4,000 Homes with a population of 11,000 carbon converters (2011 Census).

For some very sound reason Planners estimate 2.36 persons per home, well you would wouldn’t you (I reckon my household has a few 0.36 people in it), so who are we to argue, which means 4100 x 2.36 = 9,676 new people will ultimately be residing in Dunmow. And why not, we like it here and why shouldn’t they…….why indeed.

Now, 15% of that lot are estimated to be of school age, or in other words – 1,451 of the youngest residents needing a desk of some description to sit at plus some grass upon which to let off steam; which equates to 1 new 400 place Primary school and another Secondary school the size of HRS with 6th form places and bike sheds.

So the question is when and where are these local schools being built to accommodate this influx of new students? Are we destined for another “bypass b***s up” (where the final delivery of tarmac took 20 years to arrive, some misunderstanding with the fine print), we could only hope the required infrastructure is about to be built at the same pace and in tandem with the new homes as per any sensibly negotiated agreement; my fear is that hopeful expectation would currently be in vain.

Please do let me know the second you spot infrastructure foundations being struck as we need to line up the great and good to cut the ribbon.