Calls to investigate bus operator after a number of incidents and student injuries

Residents for Uttlesford’s (R4U) district councillor responsible for Community Safety at Uttlesford District Council has started the process to request an urgent safety review into local bus operator Stephensons after …read more →

Inspector finds former Conservative Administration’s second Uttlesford Local Plan unsound; new administration commits to re-engineering the council

Residents for Uttlesford (R4U) has announced that its new administration has committed to re-engineering Uttlesford District Council (UDC) to deliver a proper Local Plan after the Planning Inspectors found the …read more →

Uttlesford Local Plan 2019 Examination Result: Frequently Asked Questions

The Planning Inspector has found the 2019 draft Uttlesford Local Plan unsound after the first stage of the formal examination. UDC now needs to either fix the issues in the …read more →

Two major appeal wins prevent 224 unsustainable homes on the edge of Newport

Residents have been celebrating in Newport after they won two appeals against the unsustainable development of more than 200 new homes in their village. The appeals were fought by a …read more →

UDC Leaders’ End of Year Message: “Delivering a Residents First Agenda”

R4U’s John Lodge and Petrina Lees, Council Leader and Deputy Leader at Uttlesford District Council have issued the following end of year joint statement to residents: Cllr John Lodge, Leader, …read more →

UDC Formally Adopts Next Phase of R4U’s Eco-Agenda

Uttlesford District Council voted to adopt the next phase of R4U’s eco-agenda at a cross-party meeting of all councillors on 16th December. This followed R4U’s early December announcement that detailed …read more →

Recruitment starts for independent members to join new UDC Investment Board to boost governance

Uttlesford District Council has started recruiting new independent members to join the council’s new Investment Board. Do you have asset management experience and want to help your community? R4U’s Cllr …read more →

R4U commits to next phase of Eco-Agenda at UDC delivering 80,000 trees & hedges, bees, bugs and bats

R4U has committed to the next phase of its eco-programme to take action on climate change, protect and enhance Uttlesford’s natural resources and rural character, and take strong action on …read more →

Picture Story: Saffron Walden residents ‘dig in’ to plant thousands of hedging plants and trees

R4U has announced that its tree planting initiative at Saffron Walden Town Council was successful across all 3 sites in the town. There were 3000 hedging shrubs and trees R4U’s …read more →

Cross-party working to solve UDC £3.5m financial hole to protect council services

Residents for Uttlesford (R4U) is making changes in the way investments are undertaken at UDC. This is part of increased cross-party working to protect vital council funding and services. £3.5m/year …read more →