Local healthcare services up for discussion…

The CCG/NHS Feedback event at the Maltings started quietly, not surprising as the advert in the press only appeared that morning. This was meant to involve all local residents and interested parties on the subject of local healthcare. There was no register of attendees, but from my seat it was poorly attended.

There were concerns as to the transport arrangements for local people and the lack of cohesion between Hospital appointments and time actually taken. CCG recognised that any development locally will need more facilities and they were quizzed by Tony Clarke, Residents 4U candidate about the actual monies being made available by UDC.
We were assured that any development was not totally dependent on Section 106 money.

Some residents pressed the CCG on the recent press story where Cllr Vic Ranger said,

“I am sure the town’s doctors would agree that to be able to deal with people in one place at one time, so they can access all the services that are required, is a good thing.”

This new centre would be to the west of Dunmow and replace the two existing Doctors surgeries. The CCG said that it was far to early to speculate, those present wanted to keep the existing surgeries and any centre should be an additional service, but in the Town centre. Cllr Ranger then clarified his position by agreeing that the new centre should be in addition to the existing surgeries.

At least we are better served than Takely village which is rapidly expanding and has no Doctors at all. CCG said that the strategy was to have three main hubs locally, Dunmow, Stansted and Walden, and they are also looking at new contract renewals to integrate the current 111 service with the out of hours service.
It did seem that the were intent on showing how open they are and need a lot more resident feedback and more volunteers, Personal nhs budgets, mental health and social care were also discussed.
We also saw a slick corporate video which showed a turnover of £330 million, with £5.7 million Corporate running cost and a £4.9 million non corporate running costs.