‘Same as it ever was…’

“Same as it ever was”
For those who know me, my knowledge of popular music is not too bad and when asked to put my bio in print, this song came to mind.

When I started work, back in the day I joined a printing trade union and I was a Labour voter. The Union became the NGA, Wapping etc followed and disillusioned I left Labour and voted Conservative where I have remained, until now.

Whilst I think the Conservatives are probably the least worst to sort out our national problems, locally they have become very complacent. We have endured years of self serving and a complete disregard for residents wishes. I want to change that and am helping a new party that listens and speaks to local people, by standing as a candidate for Residents 4U.

I live and work in Great Dunmow and want to see the area grow in harmony with the people who actually live there. Residents 4 U do not want to be like the other parties, we do not do Tit-for-Tat politics, we only respond to correct untruths. We are not “Talking Heads” and it is time for local people to change to a new way of voting. Vote for localism or it stays the “Same as it ever was”…