Buses. You wait weeks for one…

No, not buses, Councillors.
There were no fewer than five Councillors at the Great Dunmow Traffic Management Group
meeting on 17/02/15, held at Foakes Hall, Dunmow.
There was also an ECC Principal Transport Strategy & Engagement Officer (must ensure that I
get their correct titles!) Mr David Sprunt who explained the tortuous procedures for certain traffic issues, but did at least offer a number of solutions for the speeding traffic in Dunmow.
However it seems that our traffic management group inform Dunmow Town Council, who informs Uttlesford District Council who inform Essex Council Council who probably then need to commission a report!
The residents who attended two weeks ago and again tonight are pushing forward, and we have been informed that it will be 12 months since the Bypass (B184) was opened (March) and only then can the correct directional signs & 7.5 Tonne weight limit for the Town be introduced, Hooray!

Local resident volunteers have offered to chase up, daily if necessary, our digital speed signs, they will also talk to the local coach companies to divert from the Town centre, acquire laser speed guns and posters with Hi Viz jackets, as well as walk and monitor the relevant roads.

We have also been promised sight of a planning document from the Town Council. The search for a new Waste Transfer site and the redevelopment of the old site needs careful monitoring. A UDC Councillor said that money will be made available for any traffic calming measures. UDC have also offered a parking review along with a cycling and footpath strategy, the hedge trimming along the old bypass has also been carried out… mmm must be an election coming up.