…At least 45 bags of poo!

This afternoon, as part of a Litter Pick at Herbert’s Farm Playing Field for Community Clear Up Day and the Katherine Semar Schools Fun Run, I bagged up 45 BAGS OF DOG POO, many of the bags have more than 1 poo in so I would say I picked up at least 60 poos.

To those responsible for not picking up after their dog, It is NOT ON and is DISGUSTING, it is a HEALTH HAZARD. You know you should be cleaning up after your dog and there are NO EXCUSES. There are 3 red dog poo bins on the playing fields and many of the poos were within feet of one or other of the bins. This is a sports field NOT your dog’s toilet.

Thank you to the people who supported the community clear up day, and to responsible dog owners who set a good example all year around.