We can all do better…

Why stand for an experimental new party in local elections, especially when there is also a general election taking place?

Simply because we can do better.

The towns, villages and countryside of Uttlesford form a wonderful series of communities and a delightful area in which to be. We have been blessed in the heritage that has been handed down to us and we have a responsibility to pass it on in better state to future generations.

That does not mean seeking to preserve the district unchanged of course. In order to keep its character and vitality, it needs to develop. We must guide that development for the future by making and implementing better decisions now.

It is not the case that we have to be imposed upon by central government, faceless bureaucrats or multinational corporations. Through the planning system, we have considerable influence locally over our built and managed environment, and we should use it wisely.

We, as residents, can help build a better future by planning the right housing in the right places for our continuing needs, along with the right infrastructure. That means the schools, health centres, commercial areas and other amenities to make this an even finer place to live, visit and do business.

That is why I am standing for Residents for Uttlesford – because we can do better.