Brexit-schmexit! National parties have just shown they don’t care about local residents

How-do Gnomies!

The allotment is all of a bother this week following the news of the snap general election in June. Just when you think you’ve got all your trowels in a row, someone goes and rummages in the shed and leaves everything in disarray. It’ll play havoc with this year’s carrots.

More importantly for resident gnomes are the local elections in Uttlesford on 4th May. There are some cracking residents who’ve put themselves forward for Essex County Councillors and a by-election in the Newport district ward. R4U have said all the long that it’s us locals they be bothered about, and it seemed like those national party candidates were starting to agree!

Those national party candidates have been telling us residents for weeks that they will represent locals and it is all about local issues. But it seems they be fibbin’.

Now that a General Election has been called for June they’ve forgotten all about what it is to be local. The blue guys shout that “A Conservative Vote on Thursday 4 May is a vote for our plan for Britain”! Maybe they do things a little differently on the allotment in Ashdon (where their chap comes from) but that’s not local!

The orange party have been a-scribblin’ in their leaflets to vote for them to reverse Brexit and are wheeling out old politicians to lecture us a bit on it. I may be just a simple Gnome, but Brexit has nothing to do with the local elections and Essex County Council and Uttlesford District Councillors need to be thinking about schools, roads, potholes, bins, housing, libraries and allotments!

The word in the shed is that those national parties don’t grasp that local people want decisions made by locals for locals. It’s about us residents -those that live here! And where people listen, Gnomes get a voice. Sixty percent voted for R4U in the recent Elsenham and Henham by-election – more than for all the other parties combined.

So it seems pretty straight forward to me -and I’m a chap who knows my onions from my shallots. Let’s all keep our wits about us, and when it comes to ticking a box on May 4th, make it a local vote. R4U will keep it all tickedy-boo!

Arfur Gnome