Saffron Walden Golden Acre Community Centre upgrade completed under R4U’s Town Council stewardship – Press Release

Saffron Walden Town Council has completed its upgrade programme of Golden Acre Community Centre under R4U’s stewardship.

Sharon Morris (R4U) Sharon Morris (R4U)

R4U councillor Sharon Morris, who led the initiative, said “This second phase completes our programme of upgrades to the Golden Acre Community Centre. Eighteen months ago we renovated the inside of this important local community facility, and now we have provided an extension to the outside, including a new all-weather covered secure area for pushchairs and buggies. The investment we’ve made in the centre makes it more attractive for community use and we’re very happy that it is now effectively full booked all week.”

Richard Freeman (R4U) Richard Freeman (R4U)

Saffron Walden Mayor, R4U’s Councillor Richard Freeman said “When R4U was elected to lead the Saffron Walden Town Council the Golden Acre Centre was run down and there were proposals by the previous administration to get rid of it. We disagreed with this because the Ross Close and Cromwell Road area is remote from many facilities elsewhere in the town – and local residents told us it was important to them. Instead we renovated the centre as part of our programme of investment in the town’s assets and are very happy with the result. It is now well used by the community, bookings have increased hugely, and it is generating income for the town. It is for these types of community programmes, initiated by R4U, that the Saffron Walden Town Council recently won the second best run council in Essex award.”

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