R4U delighted with national market award for Saffron Walden Town Council

Saffron Walden Town Council has won the NABMA Best Small Outdoor Market Of The Year 2018 award and Town Council employee Luke Matthews has been recognised as an NABMA Market Young Person of the Year.

NABMA (National Association of British Market Authorities) is the national trade organisation of UK market operators. It inspects markets all over the UK every year, provides guidance, and recognises the best markets and support staff.

Richard Freeman (R4U) Richard Freeman (R4U)

Saffron Walden Mayor, Town Councillor Cllr Richard Freeman (R4U) said “We are honoured to have won the Best Small Outdoor Market Of The Year 2018 award against stiff competition. It is a testament to the unique things we can offer in Saffron Walden. We have a fantastic and diverse group of traders that we enjoy working with and that turn out in all weather; a historic market pedigree dating back nearly 900 years to 1141; and a superb and hardworking team of support staff. And we are particularly delighted for the recognition given to Luke Matthews, who also won a well-deserved NABMA Market Young Person of the Year award.”

Mayor Freeman continued “As well as being impressed with our team, the NABMA inspector noted the close working relationship between our team and the traders, some who’ve been at the market for 50 years; and the partnership with our award-winning Tourist Information Centre that promotes the town and brings people to our fabulous market. They also valued the unique Saffron Walden ‘experience’ outside of the market. Our town is not a carbon-copy High Street made up of anonymous national chain stores. We have many independent shops, restaurants and cafes that make Saffron Walden a characterful destination for both locals and tourists.”

Cllr Freeman concluded “The Town Council staff and councillors are working hard for the residents of Saffron Walden, so we are proud to get independent recognition for the work that they do. This is the fourth award that the Town Council has recently won. The others were for the Tourist Information Centre, Best Maintained Playing Fields and Second Best Council in Essex.”