10-year Climate Change Strategy approved with initial £1 million funding

Uttlesford District Council has voted to adopt the next phase of R4U’s eco-agenda at a cross-party meeting of all councillors. In the vote councillors approved the ‘Uttlesford Climate Crisis Strategy 2021-2030’ and the next round of funding – £1 million.

Louise Pepper (R4U) Louise Pepper (R4U)

R4U’s Cllr Louise Pepper, who is also the UDC Environmental and Eco portfolio holder, said “Anyone who knows me knows I am passionate that we play our part in tackling the effects of the climate emergency we face. I’m delighted that UDC has approved Uttlesford’s 10-year Climate Change strategy and allocated £1 million of funding for the next 3 years. We have been supported by the excellent work by council officers. The adoption of the strategy and funding allows the council to move forward at pace – and it is a key deliverable from R4U’s manifesto. £1 million is a significant budget for a council of UDC’s size and it has been made possible due to new income that UDC has generated as a landlord from its successful commercial property portfolio.”

Cllr Pepper continued “The council’s strategy focuses on reducing emissions as well as making systemic and lifestyle changes to meet the district’s 2030 carbon net-zero target. Transport, green energy, waste and recycling, air and water pollution, our environment and green infrastructure, sustainable food, and green economy are all important components.”

R4U’s Louise Pepper concluded “Those that have been following will know that Climate Change activities have been underway for some time, such as tree planting. One of our goals is to plant 90,000 trees – one for every Uttlesford resident. So far 7 town and parish councils have submitted proposals and are receiving trees from UDC. These include Clavering, Felsted, Great Chesterford, Hadstock, Saffron Walden, Thaxted, and Wendens Ambo. Thank you! Additionally UDC is planting in Gt. Dunmow, Hatfield Heath. I strongly encourage other Uttlesford communities to put their proposals in through their parish and town councils so that they can play their part. In the meantime R4U will continue to drive UDC’s Climate Change Working Group to turn the council’s strategy into strong action.”

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