Jonathon Toy

Jonathon has worked in the public sector on community safety and enforcement programmes for the past 20 years with experience in with the Home Office and four London boroughs leading operational teams working to disrupt local drugs markets and combat violence.


Jonathon has been working in the field of community safety and enforcement for the past 20 years with experience in four London boroughs, initially in Hackney, leading an operational team for the council working closely with the police to disrupt local drugs markets. He is currently working for Croydon Council in the development of their violence reduction approach.

He was also the inaugural chair the London Heads of Community Safety Group which helps to shape the community safety priorities for London, working with the Greater London Assembly and London Councils.

Jonathon has extensive knowledge of enforcement services, including the regulatory framework for environmental health, private sector housing and street enforcement. He has also led in the development and delivery of civil protection both from an operational and strategic perspective. He was the lead officer in the response to the Lakanal Fire in Southwark in 2009.

Jonathon has specialist knowledge in working with young people and families,  and developing innovative programmes to address violent crime and gang related violence. Over the past 15 years he has developed a number of programmes to support vulnerable  individuals and families.  He continues to provide mentoring and support at a community level, to help young people and young adults make positive life choices to fulfil their potential. He is a Patron of The David Idowu Foundation.

Jonathon worked with the Home Office in 2011 following the Summer Riots, advising on programmes to address gang and weapon violence and in the drafting of the “Ending Gang and Youth Violence Report” He is a member of the governments national Ending Gang and Youth Violence Team, developing multi-agency approaches at a local level to address serious violent crime.

Jonathon has published a number of articles and papers on gangs and serious youth violence, most notably a practitioner report in 2009 titled “Die another Day”, articles for Safer Communities (Pier Professional Ltd) and more recently “Silent Voices” – based on real life stories from people affected by gang violence.

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