Map of Covid Cases by Ward Groupings

The map we provided on this page has been replaced by the government with a new map at the link below. On the new map you need to zoom in all the way to get parish/ward level data.

The map at the button link below shows current positive coronavirus (Covid-19) test results in your area in a week. It is at the most detailed level published, which are subdivisions of a district/local authority area. The data is provided by Public Health England and the government. The map is updated daily, so check back regularly, but it is always a few days behind as it takes time to collate. The week period it refers to is shown at the top left of the map.

The areas shown are set geographically by the government. These are typically, but not always, a grouping together of a few parish or town wards. Each of these areas has approximately 7,200 residents and so are comparable with each other.