Policy Statement: National Crisis Response

You said:

In times of crisis we need a council that keeps the vulnerable safe, protects our residents and businesses, and helps us recover.

In times of national emergency or crisis we know that everyone must pull together. Where we lead a council, we expect level-headed leadership that uses the available evidence to decide the best course of action in our district, towns and villages. We expect proactive measures to safeguard those most at risk, and to ensure residents and our local businesses are protected. We also expect residents to follow the rules – response to national crises is about community responsibility.

Where we do not hold the authority to decide for our area, we expect the leaders who do to use the best available evidence when making their decisions. In these situations we will continue to work in our local interests, holding them to account to do just that.

Where there is a crisis or emergency response directed by the government, we will work quickly and efficiently to implement their measures. Where there is a funding package to implement these programmes, we will seek the best funding available for residents and their businesses.

In more critical circumstances, we expect those that make decisions for us to have a clear plan and transparent criteria for moving out of crisis, and a post-emergency recovery programme to help residents and businesses get back on their feet.