Policy Statement: Health & Social Care

You said:

We need more local health services and better access to the ones we have already.

Many of our doctors’ surgeries and dentists are oversubscribed. We should all be able to see our GPs and dentists when we need to and not have to wait weeks for an appointment.

We will promote the provision of specialist facilities to encourage GPs, dentists and medical auxiliaries to set up new practices, or to improve the current ones. We will work with the NHS, commissioning groups, local parishes and community groups to develop a strategy for a healthy Uttlesford – promoting healthier and more active lifestyles and ensuring quick and easy access to healthcare when needed.

When our children or family members require Social Care, they should have good quality services that provide the care we need. We will oppose cuts by Essex County Council to Social Care and make sure those adults and children needing support or care receive the service they need.