Policy Statement: Roads & Transport

You said:

Sort out our road and parking problems, and make public transport better.

Our roads are not fit for purpose and they should be repaired quickly when needed and maintained to a high standard. We will insist that the responsible authorities, Essex County Council and National Highways, maintain our roads to a high standard and deal with existing traffic problems, rather than continuing to ignore them.

Our trains and buses are also unreliable, too infrequent, and don’t serve our rural areas properly, leaving many residents without access to any public transport. We will work with transport companies to improve the reliability, accessibility and frequency of local rail and bus services.

We will look for innovative ways of moderating access by heavy goods vehicles to towns and villages especially during peak hours, and push for 20mph zones in residential areas and near schools and public places.

We will encourage low-carbon and low-pollution transport initiatives such as safe cycling, safe walking routes and school ‘walking buses’. This will reduce car usage and improve car parking management.

We will facilitate the uptake of electric vehicles by providing a dependable charging infrastructure. New developments will be required to supply charging bays, public car parks will be fitted with charging bays and we will explore the possibilities of providing on-street charging for residents who have no driveways or garages.