Policy Statement: Running Your Councils & Finance

You said:

Why does no-one listen to residents? Provide better value and services for our council taxes.

We are a residents’ party and we will listen to you and act for you. We will always be open, transparent, democratic and accountable to you and make rational decisions based on evidence – not on party politics. We will work for the community together with other parties and independents to truly represent the interests of Uttlesford residents.

To give residents a stronger local voice and improve council services, we will change council constitutions, policies, procedures, and working practices. We will review and change or replace existing structures such as cabinets, committees, working groups, panels, and boards. We will work positively with, respect, and support council officers in their work. Where possible, we will devolve decision-making to towns and villages.

We will ensure that services are effective and meet residents’ needs. We will make the councils which we control more efficient, stop money being wasted. and provide better value for your council taxes.

We will seek new income sources for councils so as to reduce their dependence on council taxes and ever-dwindling central government funding. We will ensure that any investments that a council has to make are based on sound, independent and expert investment advice, and with the correct risk measures and controls in place.

We will be strong advocates for Uttlesford on policies we can’t directly control such as education, highways and health care, and support vulnerable residents and the agencies working with them.