Policy Statement: Stansted Airport

You said:

We want the airport to be a better neighbour.

We commit to a fairer deal with Stansted Airport that balances employment with their environmental responsibilities to deal with emissions, pollution, noise, road and rail congestion, and village fly-parking.

We will work closely with Stansted Airport to maximise local employment opportunities and to grow and keep new businesses in Uttlesford by exploiting the airport’s position as a logistics and communications hub near to London.

We believe that it is important that the airport owners recognise the principle that Stansted is an ‘Airport in the Countryside’ and accept the negative impacts caused by its operation and make progress towards their mitigation.

As such, we will consult with local people and parishes to identify issues and work with the airport owners and other authorities to implement measures that will bring about:

  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Reductions in CO2 emissions, air pollution and noise nuisance, including limits on night flights.
  • Sustainable Transport: Improvements in public transport, including the rail network, around the airport to reduce local airport-related environmental pollution. Better and more regular bus routes and timetables to reflect local needs and access to jobs.
  • Infrastructure Investment: Improvements in the surrounding local roads and the national road network.
  • Action on Parking: Effective measures to prevent fly-parking in nearby communities.
  • Access to jobs: Improvements in local employment levels at the airport.