Better Devolution for Residents in Essex

Why can’t residents decide for themselves?

Independent Councillors can make a difference!

As a councillor you were elected to represent your residents. Local branches of Westminster parties are now dictating our devolution and it looks like it could be a disaster for democracy for the residents of Essex. But thankfully you’re a councillor that is not part of one of the big-three Westminster parties, which means you’re independently minded. Unless we work together the proposed Greater Essex Devolution will:

  • Create a 4th level of local government bureaucracy with fuzzy accountability;
  • Cost us more, because it is funded from future growth which may not happen;
  • Reduce your influence as an independent councillor.

At a recent LGA event we shared the bones of an alternative proposal that will be more transparent, cost less and put more power in the hands of residents. But it will take the independent councillors of Essex to really shape it and come together to make it happen.

LGA Devolution Day for Independently-Minded Councillors

Download the following information from the recent independents’ devolution event:

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