Cllr Geof Driscoll

Geof has lived in Uttlesford for 20+ years. After a 30 year career in senior management in road-haulage, he is now vice-chair of Uttlesford District Council, where he also sits on the scrutiny, governance, and audit committees, highways panel, and housing board.

“I believe that we should always fight for local residents. I feel that there is a correct balance between protecting our heritage and investing in the future for the youth of our district. I strongly believe that we, the residents of Uttlesford, have a right to control local issues not be told by national parties “this is what will be good for you.” Geof Driscoll


Where do you live?

I have lived in Birchanger for the last 22+ years with my wife Angie.

Do you have any councillor or political experience?

I served on the Birchanger Parish Council for eight years in the early 2000s until work responsibilities altered my available hours. I am now retired and have been an Uttlesford District Councillor since 2019. I an currently vice-chair of Uttlesford District Council, as I also sit on the scrutiny, governance, and audit committees, highways panel, and housing board.

Any work details that you may want to highlight that add to your experience?

In addition to 12 years as a local councillor, I am a qualified transport manager, with over 30 years of international experience including divisional management for a blue-chip multinational organisation. I have operated my own transport consultancy (compliance and training) since 2009 and am an avid supporter of Road Safety.

Do you participate in community or residents’ groups, boards, or charities?

I was Birchanger’s local Poppy Appeal organiser for 15 years raising approximately £50,000 for ex-servicemen and women. I currently sit on the Birchanger Sports and Social Club committee, as well as on the Freight Transport Association Easton Region Council.

Why did you stand for Residents for Uttlesford?

As residents of Uttlesford, national issues and local issues rarely carry the same weight in our daily lives. Of course, everyone has the right to vote for which person/party they wish, but only locally focused parties can deliver specific local democracy. By providing real, transparent leadership R4U, at a local level is representing our local interests.

By reorganising the way UDC is structured, and by using the best skills and tools available, R4U has been able to deliver higher levels of services. But we need four more years to deliver on our programme of improvement at UDC. Let’s all make sure we make the most of where we love to live – together.

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