Look, why you need to #VoteLocal in the elections next week.

On May 4th I’m proud to be standing as the R4U candidate for both Essex County Council (Stansted division) AND Uttlesford District Council (Newport ward).

At the beginning of the election campaign, I proposed local candidates from all parties should get together for a photo-shoot with the aim of increasing voter turnout, which at the last election was only 37%. Disinterest was the response from the other candidates. It seems they are happy with a low turnout and feel that new voters spell danger to their long-held entitlement to public office.

And no wonder the national parties are worried. Two months ago, R4U stormed the Henham & Elsenham by-election with nearly twice as many votes as all the other parties combined! At UDC, R4U is the second party with 10 councillors. The Lib-Dems have four. R4U currently holds one of the four Essex County Council seats allocated to Uttlesford and is, for the first time, standing candidates in three Divisions. In the three years since R4U started, we’ve shown we can make a real difference to our community – so all votes for R4U can help us do more for our fellow residents.

How? I believe that as residents first, we should be able to decide what’s best for us locally, not leave it to national party career politicians. We need effective local councillors to address the schools crisis, protect rural bus services and sort out the backlog of road maintenance. And the only way you get it is by voting for it. But most of all and even though are probably tired of voting, I believe that we should all vote.

We have a unique opportunity on 4th May to vote for what matters locally. Just one month later, we’ll be able to use our votes for national issues, but next week it’s all about local things for local people. So I would urge everyone who can, to please get to your polling station and make a difference for local residents. And if you’re not registered to vote, you can do it here.

Anthony Gerard

Newport resident
R4U ECC Candidate – Stansted division
R4U UDC Candidate – Newport ward

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