R4U councillors continue their pothole campaign against Essex County Council’s “managed decline” of our roads

Residents for Uttlesford (R4U) is continuing to campaign against Essex County Council’s “managed decline” of Uttlesford roads as potholes get much worse.

R4U’s Cllr Paul Gadd, Essex County Councillor for Saffron Walden, said “Any road user will tell you that potholes in Uttlesford are getting far worse and many are just dangerous. Our roads are the responsibility of Essex County Council, which is still controlled by the Conservatives – unfortunately, it is not led by residents like UDC – so we must continue to highlight the many problems and keep applying pressure. Last October, ECC reported their own policy as one of ‘managed decline’ of our roads because they were running out of money. Uttlesford residents pay ECC more than £40 million a year in council tax, so where has the money gone? We need to keep telling them that intentionally not maintaining our roads is completely unacceptable. R4U councillors will keep fighting.”

ECC’s stated “managed decline” of our roads has led residents to put cones in potholes to warn other drivers of potential vehicle damage, such as here on Borough Lane in Saffron Walden. R4U recommends that residents claim against ECC for damage to their vehicles or themselves from poorly maintained roads.

Cllr Gadd continued “My fellow ECC Councillor, R4U’s Martin Foley, and I continue to make sure that potholes are reported, and we press ECC to repair them. We are getting more and more reports of broken tyres and wheels, which ECC are refusing to accept responsibility for – however residents can make a claim against ECC and we urge them to do so, even thought ECC try to put you off doing so. In Saffron Walden, Rowntree Way, Ross Close, Peaslands Road and South Road, to take just some examples, are in an appalling state. We ask that residents continue to report potholes, and to notify us if dangerous potholes are not being repaired quickly – and we will keep pushing for ECC to do the job we’ve all paid them to do. As with ECC’s decision to introduce their new booking system at the recycling centres, the state of the roads shows how vital it is to have independent residents standing up for our district.”

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